Tapestry Charter School

Allied has been a main contributor to the redevelopment of the Tapestry Charter School Campus.


RP Oak Hill & Owner-Direct


65 & 111 Great Arrow Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216




In 2009, Tapestry Charter School began it’s redevelopment project at 65 Great Arrow for their full K-12th grade school campus. Allied was contracted to renovate and upgrade the existing mechanical system to allow for the school to begin housing students. In 2010, Tapestry broke ground on their new secondary school building next door, and Allied was able to assist the engineering team with the HVAC planning, not to mention the system installs. The third and final Tapestry expansion began in 2017. Allied was there at the beginning to design the mechanical system for the new school and install the equipment and ductwork. This campus utilizes mainly rooftop units and split systems (both ducted and ductless) to condition their spaces.