Planned Maintenance

Power UP! ™ Planned Maintenance Program

There are some other very good reasons to take advantage of Allied's Power UP! Planned Maintenance Program.

  • Lower utility costs.
  • Increase the service life of the HVAC equipment (reduce replacement costs).
  • Greater comfort for the building's occupants.

The key to efficient HVAC equipment operation is ongoing, regular maintenance. However, when you combine the fact that most of this equipment is situated in low traffic locations and is out of sight (i.e. behind buildings, behind walls, on rooftops, etc.) with the fact that proper maintenance is an unpleasant and time consuming task, HVAC unit maintenance isn't one of those jobs most maintenance engineers look forward to. In situations where the maintenance department is busy or understaffed, this vital service is likely to be deferred beyond the time when maintenance is actually required by the equipment.

However, maintaining HVAC systems is critical to demonstrate that you are following the industry's "standard of care." Doing so will help protect your building occupants from unnecessary exposure to Indoor Air Quality issues and help protect you from potential litigation.

It is commonly known throughout the HVAC industry that even the slightest coil fouling leads to what can be described as the first level of failure, which is distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • Higher operating compressor head pressure (caused by elevated refrigerant pressure resulting from restricted air-flow and poor heat exchange.)
  • Reduced cooling capacity (caused by poor air-flow through the coils.)
  • Increased kW draw coupled with reduction in cooling tonnage capacity.
  • Unit runs longer and works harder to achieve set temperature points.
  • Compressor keep cycling off and on under high head pressure (compressor is being stressed under dirty coil conditions - system is overheating.)

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