posted December, 17 2013

The hirsute man you see photographed is none other than Michael Modrzynski, President of Allied Mechanical.  The question that has been asked over and over recently of course, is "Why the beard?"

As part of our fourth quarter theme to "Make an Impact", Michael was challenged by our team of construction lead men to go one month without shaving.  The payoff was Christmas Hams and Turkeys delivered to the Buffalo City Mission in the name of Allied Mechanical.  True to his word, Michael remained unshaven for over a month.  True to their word, our Allied team mates delivered 17 large turkeys, 6 hams and one wee tiny Cornish game hen.  Thanks to Michael for leading our philanthropic team efforts and thank you to our Construction Department Lead Men for coming up with a fun way to help those in need here in our fair city. 

Merry Christmas from Allied Mechanical.