Years ago, bigger meant better when it came to heating your home. Older furnaces might make your home cozy on cold, snowy days, but they use up a lot of unneeded energy. Also, if your furnace was installed prior to the mid 1980's, its efficiency (AFUE) is about 65% at best. At Warm & Fuzzy, our in-home consultant will properly size the heating system for your home and will provide options in regards to model efficiency and style.

We install furnaces manufactured by Trane Co., which are rated by several national consumer magazines as some of the most reliable systems in the industry. Furnaces come in standard (80%) and high efficiency (90%+) models. Each model is available in three styles: two-stage variable speed, two-stage, and single stage.

The two-stage variable speed offers two heating stages and variable speed blower operation. For homeowners that want the best in home comfort, these furnaces specialize in offering a superior level of perfect, clean comfort, quiet operation, lower operating costs and total peace of mind. The standard two-stage furnace provides an enhanced level of comfort with a two-speed blower. Our single stage furnaces give you the perfect combination of reliable performance and energy efficiency.