Air Conditioning

One of the most important issues when selecting an air conditioning system for your home is to have it sized properly. Too small and your system will not cool your home properly during the warmest part of the day, too large and it will not dehumidify the air within your home.

Warm & Fuzzy has partnered with Trane Co., one of the leading manufacturers of residential heating and cooling equipment, to offer our customers with the highest level of air conditioning systems available to the consumer.

To increase the energy efficiency of residential air conditioners, the Department of Energy has issued new standards that went into effect January 23, 2006. The new standard for products manufactured as of January 23, 2006 will have to meet the new standard minimum Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) rating of 13. By changing the rating from the old minimum standard of 10 SEER to the new level of 13 SEER, systems will now be 30% more efficient at the minimum.

Systems are available in several different styles in SEER ratings from 13 to 19. Each style comes in numerous sizes properly designed for your home by our in-home consultant.